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Why Now, More Than, Ever You Need an Experienced Immigration Attorney to File Your Application!

Recent Immigration Changes, Making it Necessary to Have Proper Legal Representation!

It’s been a Year of So Many Immigration Changes, Some of Which are Still in the Pipeline.

If you have been paying attention to the news, you realize that just this year, the immigration climate has completely changed, and not for the better.  Just this year alone, there have been at least three-four major immigration law/policy changes, two of which will affect every application submitted to USCIS (local immigration offices) and/or the immigration courts. The two new immigration policies are the focus of this blog today.

New Immigration Policies Set to Affect Every Application From Now Onwards

So, which laws/policies will affect every single immigration application from this moment forward?  1) The first recent policy directs USCIS to send certain denied applications to immigration court for deportation proceedings, and 2) directs USCIS to stop the age old practice of sending out “requests for evidence” which in the past, allowed applicants to fix errors or weaknesses in their applications; rather any application with errors or weaknesses will be denied without a chance to fix them, unless the error can be attributed to an innocent mistake.  What exactly would be considered an innocent mistake for these purposes has not been clearly defined by immigration officials.

When you combine these two new immigration policies, they produce mass denials of immigration applications, leading to mass deportation proceedings in immigration court.  In other words, as I have long stated and predicted, this administration is no longer just after illegal immigrants, it is now fully after legal immigrants.

As I write this blog today (October 30, 2018), President Donald Trump, has just announced his intention to put an end to birthright citizenship for certain citizens whose parents are not citizens and/or those whose parents do not have lawful status.  Depending on how the upcoming mid-term elections turn out, President Trump may or may not have enough backing to pass his new stated directive on birthright citizenship.

Stay tuned for a blog in the near future discussing this new development.

What’s the Bottom Line?

I have said this once and I will say it again—now is not the time to save money by filing your own application. The chances of your application being denied due to errors and lack of information are now simply too high. The deciding question has now become, do you want a green card or do you want to be deported? As explained above, this is not speculation, this not a marketing a ploy, and as you can deduce, it is now simply the bottom line. The message from the administration is clear, they will deny your case for any little error, and then you will likely to find yourself in deportation proceedings.  Now more than ever, you need proper legal representation. An experienced immigration attorney knows what USCIS is looking for in order to get you a positive result. Even more, an experienced immigration attorney will advise you of any risks in filing your application so that together with your attorney, you can make the best suited decision.

To read more about current immigration policy changes, go to my homepage and read through the “latest news” section at bottom of the homepage.

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Immigration Law from a Realistic Lens!

Elizabeth Wafula, Esq.

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